Aberration-corrected 25 plane Multi focus Microscope (M25)
M25 Aberration-Corrected MFM This project explores the recording of 3D volumes fast and simultaneously by capturing 25 focal planes based on a novel design of an aberration-corrected multifocus microscopy (MFM). Potential applications include: neuron dynamics, embryo development, chromatin structure imaging in organisms with thin or transparent tissue (C.elegans, Drosophila larvae, hydra) or near the surface (mouse cortex, lamprey spinal cord, zebrafish)
MFM-SIM System
M25 Aberration-Corrected MFM 'SIM-MFM' imaging modality alleviates the problem of insufficient volumetric acquisition speed in super-resolution biological imaging. Combining structured illumination microscopy (SIM) wide-field super-resolution technique with multifocus (MFM) volumetric acquisition speed one can image biological specimens beyond the classical diffraction limit.
Lens Characterization
M25 Aberration-Corrected MFM

Designing a lens characterization system to improve the Multifocus Microscopy(MFM) system performance. This system records 3D intensity point spread functions(PSF) for characterizing and comparing these properties of lenses. After the system is built and PSFs are recorded to model and characterize each lens.