Meet the people of the SaraLab

Sara Abrahamsson
Sara Abrahamsson, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

Sara is a new faculty member in the UCSC Computer and Electrical Engineering department. She is building up an optical development and imaging laboratory that invents, designs, builds and employs new microscopy systems for functional neuronal imaging and 3D super-resolution microscopy using diffractive optics and develops data analysis and image reconstruction software.

Sara is a Swedish engineer with a Masters degree in Engineering Physics from KTH (the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm) a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from UCSF & UC Berkeley, and did her Postdoc in Neurobiology with Cori Bargmann at the Rockefeller University.

Graduate Students
Eduardo Hirata, Ph.D. Student
Eduardo Hirata Miyasaki

Eduardo graduated from UCSC with a B.S. in Bioengineering in 2018. He is a 1st year PhD student at Sara Lab currently working on a 25 plane Multifocal Microscope (M25) for imaging functional neural networks. He can often be found at UC Santa Barbara Nanofabrication facilities designing the diffractive optics for the M25, but during his free time he enjoys playing soccer or taking pictures with his Nikon. 


Juliana Hernandez, Ph.D. Student
Juliana Hernandez

Juliana is a Ph.D. Student at SaraLab. She graduated from UCSC in 2016 with a double major in B.S. in Electrical Electrical Engineering and B.S. Computer Engineering. She has previously worked NASA, Lumenetix, and Plantronix. She is currently developing the SIM-MFM system. During her free time, she enjoys practicing and competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Undergraduate Students
Brandon Lynch
Brandon Lynch, Undergraduate student

Brandon is an undergraduate bioengineering student and research assistant who is interested in the characterization of lenses for multifocus microscopy applications. He hopes to complete a senior thesis by winter quarter on lens characterization as well as conduct research in camera characterization and extended focus. When not conducting research, Brandon enjoys playing guitar and fishing in his free time.

SaraLab Assistants
Khant 'Chris' Zaw , Laboratory Technician
Khant Chris Zaw

Chris received his M.S in Electrical Engineering in 2018 and double majored in B.S. Computer Engineering and B.S. Electrical Engineering in 2016 from UC Santa Cruz. Chris is a former an RF Test Engineer at Plantronics and has joined the lab to do nanofab work. Chris is interested in the Multifocal Microscope design and during his free time he practices and competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Gustav Pettersson
Gustav Pettersson

Gustav is also a graduate of KTH in Stockholm (BSc Engineering Physics, MSc Aerospace Engineering) and spent a summer in Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara helping Sara get the lab started. Stolen from NASA during a ski trip to Lake Tahoe; Gustav is now moving back to Europe for a while. Sara and Gustav met at the Science For Life Laboratory in Stockholm, where they both worked with Professor Brismar and the mentorship from Sara laid the groundworks for a long friendship. An eternal supporter of the lab, Gustav is always happy to come back to California to help. If you can't find him, try looking behind a Sony mirrorless camera.